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Ultra-widefield retinal imaging with the Optomap

Family Eyecare recommends the Optomap Retinal Exam as an integral part of your eye exam, testing is suggested for patients of all ages.

With traditional, small-field, and even widefield retinal imaging, only 10-100⁰ of the retina can be captured in a single image. optomap is the only true, clinically validated, ultra-widefield retinal image than can capture 82% or 200⁰ of the retina in a single capture, in each imaging modality – an increase of 50% over the next closest imaging device1. The optomap offers unparalleled views of the retina which provide eye care professionals with the following:

  • The only anatomically correct 200⁰ or 82% image of the retina
  • Simultaneous view of the central pole, mid-periphery and periphery
  • Integrated hardware & software platform
  • Multiple retinal imaging modalities to see more, discover more, and treat more patient diseases and pathologies, more effectively
  • With more than 600 published and ongoing clinical trials, as well as thousands of case studies and testimonials, show the long-term value of optomap imaging in diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient engagement

Diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, as well as other health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be found using this diagnostic tool. Our Doctors strongly believe an Optomap is an essential part of your comprehensive annual eye exam. Some health plans do not cover the Optomap retinal exam, so patients may be responsible for a small additional fee. Please contact the office to learn more.

Early Macular Degeneration Detection with the AdaptDx

People with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) often do not know they have the disease during its early stages. They may dismiss early warning signs, like trouble seeing at night, as part of the normal aging process. Ignoring these symptoms only delays diagnosis and leads to more significant vision loss.

There is no need to delay diagnosis and treatment. With the AdaptDx® test by MacuLogix®, your eye care professional can detect AMD as soon as three years earlier than any other test.

Your doctor may recommend you take the AdaptDx test, if you:

  • Are over age 50,
  • Have a family history of AMD
  • Experience night vision problems

The AdaptDx measures the time it takes for your vision to adjust to the dark. This is called dark adaptation. The simple test takes only about 10 minutes. You’ll look at a computer screen in a darkened room and press a button every time you see a flashing light. Your doctor will review the results with you.

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